Powder puff

So last night was the powder puff game and like always, it’s a football game between the senior girls and the junior girls. And again like usual, the senior girls whooped the juniors 16-0. At halftime the senior boys that paid and signed up for mystake get to dance in a choreographed routine created by the collaboration of the boys and the varsity mystique captains. I was mad that i wasn’t able to pay the ten dollars to be in it but once i saw how weak the dance was i was no longer mad. The music didn’t even play. I went down on the field after halftime ad had fun with my friends by having dance battles and just goofing around like teenagers should. Everyone went teepeeing and egging after but I had to go to my friends house because he wasn’t going and i had to stay at his house. overall, i had a good night though because i got to have a fun ass night with the boys.



Today was almost the end of my life. Not literally, but I would’ve been physically and mentally beat up. So every Thursday our football team has practice in the morning at 6:15 rather than after school. We have a rule that if you don’t come to practice on time then you and your designated buddy have Saturday army. For those of you that don’t know what army is, army is when you do something wrong and you have to go with coach luttrell and some form of simple but extreme conditioning. Regular army is where you have to bear crawl down and back the entire field and that’s 1. Saturday army is way worse. I’ve never been in Saturday army so i cant tell you what you do but its the same thing but with either up downs every 10 yards or you have to roll over until told otherwise. well I slept at my friends house and he was supposed to drop me off at practice but as soon as we woke up at 5:30 he rolls over and tells me her cant take me anymore and his sister who’s a manager isn’t going either. so i’m left with no ride and theres no way i can go 2.5 miles in about 30 min to give myself about 10-15 to get dressed. I start scrambling to find a ride and it takes 30 min and about 17 tries to finally find a friend that hasn’t left yet and could give me a ride. Jaiden comes to get me at 6 and we have 15 min to get to school,weigh in, and get on the field ready to go. luckily we get in the parking lot at 6;08 and barely make it on the field in time. I was saved